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These data were used to identify the sub-group with type 1 diabetes.

We explored the agreement between self-report of diabetes, identification of diabetes diagnostic codes in APDC data, claims for glycosylated haemoglobin (Hb A1c) in MBS data, and claims for dispensed medication (oral hyperglycaemic agents and insulin) in PBS data.

However, according to Australian Coding Standard for Additional Diagnoses (ACS0002) the recording of diabetes as an additional diagnosis is only required if diabetes affects patient management during hospital admission [].

Thus variable estimates of prevalence occur due to uneven population coverage, the age group reported, currency of the data source, and frequency of updates to the data source.

Studies that validate quality of care measures suggest that patients overestimate testing procedures compared to medical records [].

This paper reports a record linkage study using self-reported data from a baseline questionnaire completed at recruitment to the 45 and Up Study linked to record extracts from administrative data collections including MBS, PBS and APDC.

Record linkage provides an opportunity to explore the accuracy and completeness of capture of information about diabetes in survey and administrative data collections.

The aim of this study is to compare and contrast indicators of prevalent diabetes among the linked data.Dispensed medications with prices lower than the general patient co-payment (.20 as at 2011) or private scripts are not captured in PBS data.In New South Wales (NSW) inpatient data are recorded in the Admitted Patient Data Collection (APDC), and these data include details about episodes of care for people who are admitted.These claim data may under- or over-estimate diabetes care provision and diabetes prevalence due to subsidy rules.For example, claims for pathology testing recorded in MBS data are limited to a maximum of four tests in a patient episode for a set of pathology services, ordered by a general practitioner for a non-hospitalised patient [].

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