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It can give them great insight, and enable them to improve relationships.A label can also impact parental expectations, a major source of therapeutic momentum for children.When she had a new goal of becoming a scientist, she had a reason for studying.Today half the cattle in the United States are handled in facilities she has designed.Producer Christine Thornton speaks on her documentary Autism and Me. Three years ago, I heard this young Irish voice on the radio talking about what life was like, living with Asperger’s syndrome.

“Steve Jobs was probably mildly on the autistic spectrum. Half the people in Silicon Valley probably have autism.” As the number of children diagnosed with autism continues to rise nationally, Grandin is sharing her message about the disorder and “differently-abled brains” with packed houses.

My dream was to not only give them a voice to tell their individual stories but to find a way into their world so that the audience could see life from their perspective.

Perhaps, there might also be a way to help remove the stigma that often surrounds the condition.

It was also a complete revelation to discover so many on the spectrum who are non- verbal. Then I met Fiacre who, at the age of 13, finally found his voice by pointing to the letters of the alphabet to form words.

Now ‘unlocked’, he astonishes us all with his poetry and essays.

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In spite of these experts’ best efforts, it still remained a mystery to me and perhaps a bit of a scary subject. He also mentioned that it was imperative to create more awareness around Autism if society was ever going to change its attitude toward the condition.

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