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A relationship that contains sexual expression—i.e., the husband-wife relationship—does not dissolve the Christian sister-brother relationship (Mark ; 1 Cor. A biblical conception of the spiritual sister-brother relationship motivates sexual purity in different forms among both married and non-married couples on the basis of each honoring the other as a Christian, who is a spiritual sibling, fellow soldier, saint, and friend.

But the basic point is that to set up the brother-sister relationship against sexuality is a misuse of both realities.

Both my wife and her husband went to bed, leaving us both alone.

She proceeded to open her heart to me, sharing with me all her unhappiness and frustrations with her marriage and her life in general.

Second, the sibling rule can’t accommodate the whole person.

Surely you’ll never hear the advice, “Relate to her emotionally like you’d relate to your blood sister.” The dating relationship requires emotional and relational realities boundaries that neither the sibling rule nor the marriage relationship can fit. The sibling rule forces rigid constructs physically that it can’t apply consistently to the whole person.

Third, the sibling rule can’t accommodate romantic growth. But we should seek to conceive of the sexuality that exists in a dating relationship in terms of a reality that brings together organic relational growth and holistic personhood, without forcing a certain timeline (fast or slow) into overly rigid categories that unbalance the person and the relationship.

Again, Paul’s logic: Struggling to keep it in your pants together? 1 Corinthians 7 is Paul’s attempt to negotiate the intense interpersonal desires—emotional, personal, relational, and sexual—that arise in a romantic context with a view of that ideally balances all of those forms of intimacy in a robust conception of personhood.

I told her I had been attracted to her for several years. She responded positively by opening her mouth and accepting my advance. My wife called her from the cell phone, and my sister-in-law had apparently been bawling her eyes out. She said she was totally distraught the next day but had since gotten over it and said we were just drunk and it was all a big mistake. However, I started receiving emails from her, and then she started instant messaging me.

However, after another kiss, she pushed me away saying it was all wrong. She admitted she was attracted to me, too, and it quickly turned into an Internet affair.

If a man confessed lust for his blood sister to the Apostle Paul, the least of the Apostles probably would have had serious concerns (1 Cor. If a man confessed lust for a sister , the Apostle Paul probably would have referred him to a good price on a princess cut engagement ring (1 Cor. Now, naturally, we should not insist on a sexual dating that mirrors its emotional counterpart. The answer is just “No.” By analogy, when someone is experiencing an intense suffering, and someone starts talking to that person about , there is a category error made.

Repentance isn’t the most relevant category for suffering.

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In fact, God delights in you having feelings for a girl that is your “sister in Christ” that wouldn’t be appropriate for your sister.

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