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Word on the street is that Sheree Whitfield has a new boo, but it’s not her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.Sources say she’s been literally been “calling Tyrone” and, if the rumor is true, he may currently be in jail.

Bob, whose sarcastic sense of humor and tendency to make light of serious issues got him in trouble with Sheree and the other housewives in previous seasons, wrote that he’s “been on parole from that prison…” Yet Bob may also be hinting that he’s still hoping to get back with Sheree by stating that he’s “on parole” and thus needs to be on his best behavior.

In her confessional interview, Sheree explained that she and Tyrone dated about six years ago and that they stopped dating because he stopped calling her.

She said that she then found out four years later that he stopped calling because he was getting in trouble with the federal government and didn’t want to get her involved.

The name Tyrone Gilliams might sound familiar because he was featured on reality show back in 2011 and was the cause of Sheree and Nene Leakes’ epic argument, the one where Nene claims to be a “very rich bitch” and Sheree responds by urging Nene to “get your teeth fixed.” Tyrone presented himself as a Philadelphia promoter and philanthropist.

However, he turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. So don’t expect Sheree to confirm the relationship and it most likely won’t ever become a storyline on RHOA.

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