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Casey James, Tim Urban, Big Mike and Aaron joined the two in singing "Maneater". Casey once again ascended the stage to join Bret Michaels on "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". A few fillers of the night include Pants on the Ground, William Hung and Paula again. The spotlight was given to Crystal who then proceeded with a duet with Alanis Morissette on "You Oughta Know". Then the previous winners of the competition, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks, Kris all serenaded Simon. “I don’t know if it was your best performance, but I still loved it. “With you, the only thing I have to worry about is [finding] a new way to tell you how great you are…You’re in the zone right now.” Ellen De Generes, a Crystal convert, praised the Ohio mom’s incorporation of the unusual instrument. You never cease to amaze me” Lee took on “Hey Jude,” and shortly before wrapping up his song, a bagpipe player — in full Scottish regalia, including a kilt, a furry hat and knee-high socks — walked down the “Idol” stage steps, joining the 23-year-old on the tune.The raspy moan, the blond tresses, the gruff self-confidence; it was all there.

Then last season's winner Kris Allen took the stage solo, singing his new single "The Truth".I think you were doing great and then the bagpipe player walked down the staircase and it was like he turned up on the wrong show.” While Crystal and Lee certainly brought some excitement to Tuesday’s show, Tim Urban finally found redemption after several weeks of criticism (including for his smile) from the judges.The Texas cutie whipped out a rendition of “All My Loving,” which the judges found surprisingly excellent.When the judges panned his performance as bland and safe no one in the audience booed. Randy Jackson’s selection of John Mayer’s "Daughters" was a smart choice, but by this point James had let the light go out. "American Idol" has crowned its season 9 winner and for the third time in a row, it's a man's world.

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Any which way it unfurls, we have been primed for what will be called an epic finale pitting rocker against rocker, small town against small town, bad haircut against bad haircut, dreadlocks against soul-patch.

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