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real estate agent Josh Flagg is gay and will make it known to viewers of his Bravo reality show on Tuesday, Reality Blurred reports.

Flagg gives an interview to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News in advance of the episode.

According to the Million Dollar Listing star, he wants to get married in Hawai or any other beach, but his boyfriend will not wear a tuxedo on the beach.

So, he speculates that they will get married in some ballroom of Beverly Hills.

And the manger and/or lawyer takes care of everything else." It sounds like working with celebs may be more difficult as well.

"The business manager is usually there to prove themselves to the client," he revealed.

But, at the end of the day, they're making their lives a living disaster because it's a lot easier when you or I come into a house and do a normal escrow." Josh also says he's the the top-selling real estate agent in Los Angeles ...

The story goes like this, Josh told Bobby that he will take him to a fashion show and brought him to the fourth Season Hotel George V. Josh and his boyfriend with his friends were sipping champagne.

Then suddenly a man started dancing according to the music followed by some other dancers.

Says Flagg: "You know my sexuality does not define me, it is not who I am, but rather it is part of me, and I did not ever want people to think of me as "the gay real estate guy," I did not want that to be the only demographic that was watching me on TV or the only demographic to associate with me.

I am very glad I did things the way I did because I feel I eased people into it and I made people comfortable with ME, and then kind of just dropped the fact that I like guys instead of girls.

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