Intimidating colors to wear

Reds come in a variety of shades – ranging from bright red to profound maroon.

Therefore, it’s always better to shoot for tailored red dress shirts to get that perfect shade and customized style and fit that matches your masculinity.

Some even purchase sneakers, wallets, baseball caps, cars and even dress shirts with this preference in mind.

But whether you realize it or not, the colors you like to look at and wear say a lot about who, and how, you are as a man. If you just can’t get enough of your stunning red tailored dress shirts, be careful when you ramp them. It projects confidence in a way few other colors can.

Red, it seems, sends a very clear message—about sex.

Red matches well with darker pants, plus a pair of black leather shoes that matches the texture and color of your belt.Not only that, women perceive other women who sport red clothing as sexual rivals (i.e.after their mates), which raises their competitive instincts and leads them to think negatively about their ability to maintain relationships and be loyal. Does that mean every time I grab the red dress my female friends see me as a romantic threat who is about to move in on their partners?If someone sticks a picture of a news anchor wearing a loose top in front of you, asks you to rate her competence, you’re going to grasp at any possible clue to make your decision, because you to make a decision, or a judgment.You have no other information on the anchor—you don’t know her, you don’t know her background, and you certainly don’t know her experience, which would be more reasonable measures of her competence.

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