Intimidating football names

It has a seating capacity of 84,412 and provides the fans of 2 hometeams, the Persepolis F. It is not as spacious as Galatasaray’s home stadium but this stadium provides a venue for the fan’s record breaking 132 decibels roar which is literally louder than thunder.

That’s hostile enough for the opponents of the home team to refuse to play on these grounds all together.

Some historical events in Cricket World Cup history and the endearing cricket aficionados have made Eden Gardens one of the most memorable stadiums in the world.

With a capacity of about 45,000 people, Anfield is a bit smaller than the newer arenas.But what it lacks in size it more than makes up with a committed, relentless, and supportive fan base. a venue to show their loyalty to these teams with their resounding cheers.The third biggest association football stadium in the world, this stadium is the biggest in Asia. Inonu is another of Turkey’s famous and extremely loud stadium grounds.In fact, this five star rated, 33, 296 capacity stadium was the scene of a post-game tragedy where 21 people where trampled as fans rushed to celebrate a win. It boasts of an incredibly vocal fans base which helps place this stadium on our list.The stadium seats 66,000 people, but when standing room is allowed, the attendance can reach 70,000.

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