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Work began on the landmark building in 1850, and four years later in 1854 it opened.

On the left of the square is Sessions House, the court building.Services once ran to Southport via Tarleton and Banks, but ceased in the 1960’s due to the Beeching Cuts.Leaving the area around County Hall and the Station, you can walk up the slight hill onto the shopping area of Fishergate, which also contains many bars, clubs and restaurants as well as the two main shopping centres, the Fishergate Centre (opened in the 1980’s) and the St George’s centre.On the left is the Fishergate Baptist Church from 1858.Recently it was forced to close and is up for sale, so it could soon become a shop.

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  1. Sectional centers do not deliver mail and are not open to the public (though the building may include a post office open to the public), and most of their employees work night shift.