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Let’s start with some quick fixes for Bethesda’s DLC add-ons.Some PC, PS4 and Xbox One users are saying that the DLC isn’t showing up for them when they try and play it.While we wait for the next Fallout 4 update to arrive, we want to help you fix your Fallout 4 problems on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.Fallout 4 is an impressive game but it’s from from perfect.Bethesda notes that if you kill a settler you recently intimidated it will count as a crime toward Nuka World’s Raider factions.

All you need to do is loot her corpse and you’ll be on your way. If you get to Far Harbor and can’t find Old Longfellow, there’s a simple fix that Bethesda itself recommends.Bethesda says that killing an NPC called Brooks before you arrived in Acadia could make completing this quest difficult.It notes that there is still a way through the quest but the best solution might just be to reload a game where Brooks is still alive.If your add-on isn’t show up, please follow these instructions from Bethesda itself: First make sure you’re signed into the correct Gamertag. If your add-ons are not showing up on your Xbox One, check to ensure you are signed in to the correct Xbox Live gamertag and profile.If you are correctly logged in, you can try the troubleshooting steps below: For further assistance, you can contact Xbox Support here:

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