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Conference registration also includes complimentary access to IC&RC Professional Services – priced at a year but valued much higher. column in September referred to a situation in which Bob, a prevention specialist, meets weekly with a group of at-risk teens in a rural county high school.These students had been caught smoking or drinking, and Bob has Judge Jones speak to them about underage drinking and driving laws, explaining the trouble they can incur.Here’s an interesting dilemma for you to gnaw on when you catch your breath after the holidays: You are a prevention professional working at a Regional Mental Health Center.Rachel, a co-worker, has been hospitalized recently. Someone asks how Rachel is doing, and no one has any news about her condition.I appreciate all who wrote and took this dilemma seriously!Note: none of you argued with the possibility of the person needing to supplement her income, or of bartending as financially feasible in filling that gap. Here are just a few of your thoughtful responses: , “I would have to say that this is definitely a conflict of interest…

Our last column had to do with that new preventionist whose job was preventing prenatal alcohol exposure. Thanks to Jessica Hestand and Julie Stevens, who possibly twisted a few arms, I’ve not had to cool my heels waiting for responses.He had been charged for under-aged purchase of alcohol (he looked older and was not carded) that led to the death of another teen.The other high school student passed out in the rear seat of a minivan and died, aspirating his own vomit.The Judge speaks to the teens about underage drinking and driving laws, explaining how much trouble they can incur.Judge Jones is stopped by police in a town close to Bob’s school. What should Bob do about having the Judge continue to speak to his intervention group? You’re also welcome to send sample case studies (suitably disguised) for future discussion to [email protected] the subject line of “Ethical Fitness.” by Linda Verst Last evening I attended my first meeting for widows and widowers at a local church that is well-known for its ministry to singles.

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