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Perhaps most importantly to teens, these apps can feel consequence-free. Data never really disappears, and anonymity carries big risks.If you don't recognize the apps your kid is currently obsessing over, here's what you need to know: Temporary Apps Temporary apps allow people to send messages and images that self-destruct after a set window of time.When Secret first launched in Silicon Valley, its adult users started using it to smack-talk their coworkers and bosses.Secret now detects when you mention someone by name (most of the time) and sends you a warning about it. Despite the fact that it promises user anonymity, it requires your email address and phone number. We came across "hell" and "f--k" almost immediately. A social site that lets kids ask questions and answer those posted by other users -- sometimes anonymously.Teens can use these apps to more carefully manage their digital trails -- so long as they don't share things they wouldn't normally send otherwise. Snapchat: A messaging app that lets users put a time limit on the pictures and videos they send before they disappear.Why it's popular: Snapchat's creators intended the app's fleeting images to be a way for teens to share fun, light moments without the risk of having them go public.Its conversations are filled with lewd language and references to sexual content, drugs and alcohol, and violence. The best way to approach these apps with your kids?Why it's popular: Online chat rooms have been around for ages, as have the iffy and inappropriate conversations that happen in them. Omegle is filled with people searching for sexual chat. Talk to them about their online reputations -- not in terms of "getting caught" by teachers, college-admissions officers, or future employers, but as a matter of being the best person they can possibly be.

What parents need to know: • Deleted texts cannot be recovered.What parents need to know: • The scenarios can be hard to stomach. Some use Whisper to solicit others for sex (using the app's geo-location "nearby" feature).Reading that a teacher has fantasies about his or her students or that someone's father is going to be released from jail and start a custody battle can weigh heavily on teens. Strong language and drug and alcohol references also are prevalent (for example, "My wife and I were both high on our wedding day" and "I dropped acid with my mom once"). Entertainment news sites, such as Buzz Feed, are beginning to feature Whispers. When secrets -- including the embellished or fake ones -- become news, we may begin to find ourselves in tabloid territory. Secret - Speak Freely: A social-media app that's designed to let people voice whatever's on their minds anonymously.Why it's popular: Although there are some friendly interactions on -- Q&As about favorite foods or crushes, for example -- there are lots of mean comments and some creepy sexual posts.This iffy content is part of the site's appeal for teens.

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