Ilarawan ang pagdating ni magellan sa pilipinas

Alalahanin-y-To remember; recollect; bethink; mention; remind. Alalayan (alalayin)-v-To sustain; main- tain; assert; support; endure. Alam nang madla--Public; vulgar; com- mon; general. Alang-alang-n-Politeness; regard; respc'ct: veneration; kindness.

Alay-w-Offering; oblation; offer; gift; contribution; obligation; homage; present; gratification.

Abutan (_Abutin)-v-To reach; overtake arrive; obtain; amount to; (any mas id) iscover; disclose; show. Agad-w/r.-Soon; immediately; instantly; presently; right away; betime; betimes.

Abuluyan-u-To help; assist; aid suc- cor; furnish; provide.

When the ng is written with a wave over the n it lias the sound of ng in the termination ang, while without the wave it is pronounced as t is spelled 3. Aliwin-r-To console; comfort; cheer; amuse; entertain; solace, Alkagf H-tr " -Ilufflan. Alok-n-Presental ion; offering: pi-ol'fcr; overture; proposition. BAB Asamasam -n Anxiety; hankering: an- guish: longing. Asinan-r-To salt; corn; pikcle; (Hire sea- son; brine.

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Anis mascad/-('ivility; custom: habit; outline; plan; scheme; project; means; form; manner; shape.

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