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The value of this report is that this conclusion no longer relies on hope or opinion but is what is actually happening. Nuclear power is far from dead but it is in decline and renewable energy is growing by leaps and bounds.The entire Report is must reading so that the facts of nuclear decline in the U.As of mid-2017, only two of these units had started up and 11 were delayed until at least 2018.Bankruptcy/Bailout of Historic Nuclear Giants – Deep Financial Crisis for Nuclear Utilities Six years after the Fukushima disaster began, the Japanese Government started lifting evacuation orders in order to limit skyrocketing compensation costs.

While we do our utmost to verify and double-check, nobody is perfect. Summer Quality-Control Failures, Disputes and Acquisitions Uncertainty Over V. Summer and Plant Vogtle Factors Determining the Future of Vogtle and V. Summer Westinghouse / Toshiba Guarantees Federal Loan Guarantees Tax Credits Costs to Customers and the Position of the Public Services Commissions President Trump on Nuclear Power Termination of V. Summer project Potential Newcomer Countries Under Construction Contracts Signed “ Committed Plans” “ Well Developed Plans ” “Developing plans” Conclusion on Potential Newcomer Countries Nuclear finances A Tough Market Environment Introduction The Trend Towards a Decentralized Model About Spot Power-Price Exposure Contracting Profits The German Nuclear Singularity The Spin-off Idea Creation of the KFK and Provision Analysis Proposal of a Sovereign Fund for Nuclear Waste Effects of the Low-Rate Environment Lower Interest Cost and Higher Debt Levels Lower Allowed Returns on Regulated Assets Higher Provision Requirements Higher Pension Deficits Company Strategy, Share Price Behavior, and Results RWE (Germany) E. Nuclear Fleet Figure 24 | IAEA Forecasts of Installed Nuclear Capacity Figure 25 | RWE Forward Contracting Figure 26 | Average Profitability of Six European Nuclear Operators Figure 27 | Average European Nuclear Operator Credit Ratios Figure 28 | RWE Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 29 | E.

The debate about nuclear power was similar to talking about a religion.

It was seldom grounded in all the relevant facts- each side had a religious belief in their point of view boosted by whatever ad hoc facts supported their view.

S., Germany, Japan, and France –indeed just about every country- really sinks in.

It is more than symbolic that the Japanese Government has formally accepted the death of its breeder reactor, which was the original holy-grail of nuclear power.

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